TOP TEN TUESDAYS | To read or not to read

… that is the question.  There are so many books in the world and so little time to go through them.  A reader should be picky with her reads, ya kno?  Make every book count.  😉

As I’ve said before, hype can be a good and bad thing.  Good, because if they’re talking about that book, there’s something in it that is worth the energy.  It gets the book out there to a largely fickle audience — especially if it falls in the YA realm.  Bad, because people’s tastes are different.  Some books become famous because it came in during the right time where that genre is hottest, when readers (avid and novice) gobble up anything that drink blood, engage in alternative lifestyles, and/or suffer a terminal illness.  But what is good for one person isn’t always the cup of tea of the other.

Hype has worked on me both ways.  I’ve picked up books solely because of hype and loved it and I’ve ignored some titles because it was so hyped up, I didn’t even care.  When I do pick up a hyped book, there’s a bigger chance of me being disappointed rather than liking it.  Case in point, The Fault in Our Stars.  EVERYBODY said I should read it.  EVERYBODY loved it.  EVERYBODY cried while reading it.  I… didn’t care much for it.  On the flip side, when at the influence of John Gallagher, Jr., I continued reading to Catching Fire (because The Hunger Games just was okay for me), I absolutely devoured it.

So you see, I’m a pretty open reader.  But then again, I also have other things to do in my life.  If I could read full-time, great!  Yet, not all books are created equal.  That’s why we have book blogs, vlogs, and social media sites to help us make better reading decisions.

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday , we’re listing down the Top Ten Books I’m Not Sure I Want To Read (books you may have bought but aren’t sure if you are into it anymore, books you wanted to read but heard mixed things about, hyped books you aren’t sure about — basically any book that has you going, “TO READ OR NOT TO READ?”

1. Any other books from John Green.
I have nothing against the guy or any of his books.  In fact, I absolutely LOVE his Youtube channels, especially Mental Floss.  I can watch that all day.  While I’ve read TFIOS in two hours, I was left unimpressed.  And as I’ve heard, his other books are along the same lines.  I found his writing rather condescending and it didn’t bring out any emotion in me.

2. 3rd books in trilogies.
I’ve read Mockingjay and I wanted to throw it against a wall.  My brother said that The Maze Runner trilogy goes downhill after the first book and waaaaay under for the 3rd one.  And since I’m not above spoilers, I know what happens in Allegiant.  What is it with YA and trilogies?  What’s more confusing is why are the 3rd books always the worst?  Sure, reviews and stars don’t reflect that – an effect of fandom more than anything – but everything comes in 3’s now… and when the 1st book becomes a phenomenon, it puts immense pressure on the next ones.  Why can’t it be like Miss Peregrine’s where we wait and wait to get the next book in the series?  Sure, it takes a long time but at least the quality reflects that.  Authors having to churn out a book a year in a projected series is just lazy and unfair to the loving public.  And outside the realm of YA, I still haven’t even touched Fifty Shades Freed.

3. Non-Harry Potter anything by JK Rowling.
I’ve tried that actually.  Twice.  I quit before I got to 100 pages.  They’re tedious and generic.  No, thank you.

4. New-adult fiction.
It does not appeal to me.  At all.  Blurbs from new-adult books actually make me cringe and roll my eyes.  I grew to like YA because frankly, I liked the escape it gave, especially with the dystopian subgenre.  I know this sounds bad but I don’t even want to try.  Books in similar genres such as the Shopaholic series and Gossip Girl whatnot never appealed to me.  I’ll just stick with my tried and trues.

5. The rest of the Sookie Stackhouse novels.
I read up to the 5th book, I think.  I liked it up to the 4th one but I didn’t even finish the 5th one.  Or I have I just don’t remember much about it.  It got monotonous and boring and just… bad.  Just like what happened with the writing in the TV show, I suddenly realized that these books aren’t that good after all.

6. Nicholas Sparks.
Just, no.

7. The rest of the Vampire Diaries series.
I read two because the book that was gifted to me had the first two in the series in one.  It was back then when I loved the TV series, around the first season and half that second.  It was then that I realized that YA is not my cup of tea.  Or at least, vampire YA fiction.  The TV show didn’t match the book and I ended up liking the show better so I abandoned reading the rest of the series.  I eventually lost interest in the show too.

I’m pretty sure I have more to list, more to say but the bottom line is… I can’t read everything.  We all have our different tastes, niches, and preferences when it comes to many things.  I do keep my options open but my line of books that I actually do want to read is long as it is.  Better not be greedy and be a little picky. 😉

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