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I look at my books as a collection of sorts.  And some really are collections.  I have multiple covers of Jane Eyre, Generation Kill, One Bullet Away, and The Hobbit.  My mom, brother, and I try to complete some author’s works.  I already collect actor filmographies.  Why stop there?

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday , we’re listing down the Top Ten Authors I Own The Most Books From

And by book you mean the actual hard copy, yeah?  I’m not going to count e-books because this list will be so out of control.  And I might have all John Green on digital copy but really, I’ve only read one. I’d rather include authors whose work I really am familiar with so that I can say more interesting things about them.  And I for some authors, writing series helps.  One series can already go up to 10+ books.  I will try to be different, mix it up but it is what it is.

1. JK Rowling (11).  I have the whole Harry Potter series, some have multiple copies.  My cousin gave me my 2nd copy of The Half-blood Prince because he thought he lost the copy that he borrowed from me. Turns out we both forgot that he gave it back to me already.  He still let me keep it.  And yes, I kind of want that set with the new covers.  I also have The Casual Vacancy which I got on the first day of release and up to now, I haven’t gone past the 7th chapter.  And frankly, I have no idea what it is about.

2. Dan Brown (6).  We have all of his books.  My mom read all of his work.  I still have to step outside the Robert Langdon series.  We all fell in love with Angels and Demons.  So after that, we decided to get all of his books.  And yes, I pick up his new titles on the day of release.

3. James Rollins (7).  I have GoodReads First Reads to thank for introducing me to James Rollins.  I won the 7th book in the Sigma Force series, The Devil Colony.  I liked it and upon finding out that it is a series, I put all of the books on my wishlist.  Slowly, I managed to build up my collection, finding a book here and there from used bookstores.  I even have two copies of The Last Oracle which happened to become my favorite so far.  I have all of the Sigma Force novels apart from the first one, Sandstorm and the latest one, Eye of God.

4. JRR Tolkien (8-10). This count includes the posthumous publications and several copies of LOTR.  I have a set individual books on the trilogy as well as one big The Lord of the Rings tome.  And I want that 50th Anniversary edition as well as an illustrated one.  Like I said earlier, collection.

5. George RR Martin (5).  Five meaning that five A Song of Ice and Fire books so far.  I would LOVE to get more from him but it takes so much from me to read GRRM and ASOIF is love and effort enough.

6. Charlaine Harris (8, I think).  I remember picking up a whole bunch of Sookie Stackhouse novels at the closing sale at Borders years ago.  I read until the 5th (again, I think) and I’m sure I don’t have the whole series.  I also have that Sookie Stackhouse short story collection.  I’m not a fan.  Blame that initial awe for True Blood and the lure of $2 books at a bookstore closing sale.

7. Stephen King (25+).  I went through a major Stephen King phase.  I wanted to get EVERYTHING.  (I mean, I do have ALL his work as e-books but I wanted the books themselves.) Plus, my local used bookstore was chock-full of Stephen King stuff at a steal.  I read about half of them, I admit.  But it was a great feeling, as a collector, to tick a title off that long and still growing list.

8. Max Allan Collins (6+). Most of them are from the TV tie-in novels for CSI and Criminal Minds.  And the first Road to Perdition volume.  Mr. Collins had been very kind to comment on one of my posts.  I’m a fan of the tie-in crime novels because he managed to capture the characters so closely.  It’s a shame that they stopped doing those books.  Oh well, that gives me enough time to catch up!

9. Carolyn Keene (a lot). I’m not sure how many I have but I’m sure that the Nancy Drew Mysteries books in my possession are within the original 56 titles.  I’m aware that the name “Carolyn Keene” is the name used by many to write these Nancy Drew stories.  But as long as they’re using that one name, it counts.

10. Dana Fuller Ross (most of the Wagons West series). Surprise!  I think I’m only missing… less than ten states.  I don’t know; I never read any of them.  But they were always on sale for less than PhP10 ($0.25 more or less) at my local used bookstore back in the day.  I guess I was in my “collection” phase.  Idek.  Are they any good?

Now, had this been a makeup tag… ah well, 6 and 8 are rather small numbers. XD


7 thoughts on “TOP TEN TUESDAYS | Bibliographies

  1. That is awesome that you collect the Nancy Drew series! I had a pretty good Stephen King collection at one time (Charlaine Harris too) but haven’t kept up. I’ve heard such good things about the George RR Martin books. Thanks for sharing your author collections!

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    • The Nancy Drew Mysteries, those in hardcover, started me off on this reading journey. I would ask my mom for them all the time. Now, I see so many of them at used bookstores. I’d get all of them but cheap books can get expensive after a while haha.


  2. JK Rowling! ❤ I cannot get enough of her. I will say I never tried to read Casual Vacancy (I wasn't emotionally prepared for a non HP novel), but I did read & enjoy Cuckoo's Calling! I've read most of your other authors, but not in the same extremes. 25 Stephen King novels!! That is crazy dedication. 😉

    &&um… Jane Eyre. How many copies do you have? And is it crazy to ask which ones? I'm actually sort-of obsessed with this book; I own 10 copies! I met another Jane Eyre fan through a different TTT, and we did guest blog posts (so much fun!). If you'd ever like to check them out, here's hers and here’s mine! (Either of us could talk about Jane all day long, haha)

    Great post, Cate:)

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    • I was so disappointed with The Casual Vacancy. I was so pumped for a new JKR piece and as I turned a page of that book, I just got more bored, if that is at all possible. I did start on Cuckoo’s Calling but it was such a slow start. Maybe I’ll pick it up again some other time. 🙂

      10 copies?! WOW. Well, I’m sure I don’t have 10 copies yet but I’m getting there. I usually buy them off used bookstores so it’s a treasure hunt hahaha. Jane Eyre is my all-time favorite book; I read it once a year whether through actual reading or audio. I’ll definitely check out your posts! Thank you for sharing!


    • I’m OBSESSED! I mean, I’ve known of the series for years now but I’ve never really picked them up until recently. I thought to read the book in preparation for the TV series premiering next week but gosh…. I’m totally IN LOVE.


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