Review: The Spectacular Now by Tim Tharp

The Spectacular Now / Tim Tharp

The Spectacular Now / Tim Tharp

Here’s another book-to-film title for you.  I liked it a whole lot.  The movie was good too.

I admit, I wouldn’t have known of this book if not for the movie.  It was around Divergent time and I was looking through the cast filmographies when I came across The Spectacular Now (2013) in both Miles Teller‘s and Shailene Woodley‘s resumes.  Huh.  So it wasn’t enough that Ansel Elgort shares the screen with Shailene in both Divergent and The Fault In Our Stars.  If you really want to make this a YA fest, Dayo Okeniyi aka Thresh from The Hunger Games also makes an appearance as Marcus, Sutter’s only “friend”.  As unconventional as that sounds, that is my story of how this book got my attention.

Sutter Keely is a loser.  Let’s get that out of the way.  He might be the life of the party guy – in his head – but he doesn’t really amount to anything in other people’s eyes.  He knows how to have fun and drink and get wasted.  He lives his life.  He looks happy.  But really… he’s not.  He’s probably the unhappiest person in town.  Everybody sees that except Sutter.

And then he meets Aimee.  Sweet, socially awkward, plain Jane, meek Aimee.  Aimee finds Sutter unconscious on a random person’s lawn on her  newspaper route.  Being the good person that she is, she stops and takes him with her.  They become the most unlikely of friends.  And lovers.  On the surface, it seems like opposites attract.  Aimee’s friends frown upon her relationship with Sutter while Sutter’s friends (acquaintances, really) tease him for hanging out with a social outcast.  But both of them have deep-rooted issues.  Aimee’s home life is miserable so she finds her adventure by being with wild boy Sutter while Sutter finds himself feeling closer to normal with Aimee’s seemingly uneventful-ness. Together, they find a balance that only they could understand.

What Sutter is doing is living in the now.  The SPECTACULAR Now.  It’s as if he KNOWS that he won’t be good for anything.  Or is just too lazy to see that he can be something.  He has the power to change lives, his and Aimee’s.  And he can also ruin it.

Uhm, okay… that may not be the best rundown of the book.  Apologies, it’s been a long day.  But what is important is for me to tell you that I liked this book a lot.  Sutter is very candid and very honest.  I like that he’s frank when it comes to himself and yet you can see a vulnerable side of him once he meets Aimee.  More like, once Aimee starts having an effect on his life.  And Aimee is just as real as Sutter.

So yes, if you liked TFIOS, you might like this also.  It won’t give you the tears but there’s a certain satisfaction once you’re finished with it.  As for the movie, it’s a good adaptation.  Shailene was cute as Aimee and Miles carried Sutter very well.  The endings, however, are different.  And I prefer… the movie’s ending.  *gasp*

Rating: 4/5.  Watch the movie as well, while you’re at it.

PS: This is RBG review #100!


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