It feels like forever since I did this last.  I think I missed last week’s musing…?  Eh.  I don’t remember having anything then.  I was too caught up finishing Outlander.

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•Tell us what you’re reading right now — what you think of it, so far; why you chose it; what you are (or, aren’t) enjoying it.
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Speaking of Outlander, you won’t hear the end of it from me!  XD  Yeah, yeah… I’m a new fan.  If all these seem pretty shallow and amateurish to you, forgive me. I’m sure you went through this phase when you first got into that series. ^^


Anyway, since finishing the book on my Kindle, I picked up the graphic novel version, The Exile, which is told from Jamie’s POV.  There is it shown with my The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug DVD.  That was what my Thursday looked like.  Jealous? 😉  I bought it off Amazon after spotting it at Barnes and Noble for $25. Upon reading some lackluster reviews, I decided to get it for cheap online.

I’ve finished The Exile yesterday and you would think it’d be the greatest thing ever, Outlander from Jamie’s adorable POV.  To see/read what was going through his head during the events of the book.  Claire’s POV is superb but Jamie is a very multi-layered character and it would be interesting to see the other sides of him that we – and Claire – don’t see.  But alas, it was just okay.  Bordering on disappointing, depending on how high your expectations are.

First of all, it didn’t exactly have the wedding night. Yes, I went straight for that. 😉 It wouldn’t be much of a deal if I’m just after the sex but really, Jamie and Claire’s wedding night scene is one of the sweetest, most (I daresay) adorable parts of the book. Instead, they put in one of their other thrysts where Jamie asked Claire, “Have I hurt ye?” Haha! As funny as that moment was, I wanted the wedding night.  And the story itself ended just before they began their journey to Lallybroch. I don’t think any more volumes were made beyond that.

The Jamie POV is made up mostly of Murtagh. Jamie wasn’t even in half of those extra scenes. I get that “the exile” is Jamie – the volume starts out with his return from France, gratuitous naked Jamie included.  But it has very little of his internal musings, what he thought of Claire and their situation… I knew more of what Murtagh is going through than the younger Fraser.

It missed the mark, I think.  And I really didn’t need an Outlander in another person’s POV. I think one of the things that I loved about the book initially was Claire’s voice. She’s a headstrong woman and she kicks the asses of all those lads. With the graphic novel, I wasn’t sure who to follow. It didn’t capture Jamie’s voice as it was in the books.  The visuals were very nice though.  I mean, as would any graphic novel would be.  I still prefer Sam Heughan‘s face but the comic!Jamie was rather endearing as well.  I’m not too sold on the Claire representation though.  They put most of the effort on the visuals and became lazy with the story.

I don’t regret purchasing this book. After all, there are still parts of it that I did enjoy. I just wanted more, I guess.  And better.  Why they saw the need to produce a printed visual representation of Outlander, I know not. If you “collect” Outlander stuff then go ahead and get it. Although if you are a hardcore fan, I’m not sure how you’ll react.

Rating: 3/5. I wish they’d go all the way to the end.  The end of Outlander at least.


10 thoughts on “MUSING MONDAYS | The Exile

  1. I picked the graphic novel up at the library one day, between finishing book 4 and starting book 5. I agree with your review on it. I hope the filmed version is at least truer to the story. I can’t wait to see it! I am halfway through book 7, atm. It is amazingly hard to put down, and I am still quite addicted! lol


    • I’m super pumped for the TV series. I love Starz and I think they’re the perfect avenue to showcase the book. (HBO too but they already have Game of Thrones lol.) Good to know that readers are still enamored by the story even after 6 books. I can’t wait to continue on with the journey!


      • We don’t get Starz in Canada, but it was picked up by Showcase here. I was so thrilled! The series just gets more interesting as you go on…lots more interesting characters and adventures, with Claire and Jamie still foremost though. I get so caught up in it, I could get lost in that world for hours on end! As a side note, I noticed the book you have on your blog as currently reading, so looked it up at goodreads…I am looking forward to your review of it, as well. 🙂


      • I see. I was steered towards Starz because of Spartacus. And Spartacus pushed all the envelopes there was to push! 🙂 Ah yes, the Claire/Jamie love story definitely pulled me into the story. I’m glad that as the series goes along, it remains at the center. 🙂

        So far “Red Rising” has been interesting. I’m trying not to be jaded about it, having read a lot of dystopian YA in succession.


      • I have heard of Spartacus, but have never seen it. I wish I could! As for Red Rising, is it very YA in the way it reads? I tend to think “over dramatic” when I see something is a YA book, and avoid them if they are too geared towards teenagers.


      • Well, YA dystopia is different than the “I hate the world and the world hates me”, teen-angsty YA that became famous with the vampire/paranormal subgenre. Here, the 16-year-olds sound more mature and less whiny than their vampire counterparts. That makes it a bit more bearable for me.

        The writing is very good so far, slightly trying hard to be grander that what it is, but still good writing. If not for the 16-year-old main character, it would easily be categorized as a contemporary sci-fi novel.


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