MUSING MONDAYS | Flowers in the Attic

It took me ten years but I’m finally doing it.  I’m currently reading Flowers in the Attic by V.C. Andrews.

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I’ve known of it for a longer time but it wasn’t since my senior year in high school did I really pay attention to what this book was about.  And you can imagine how ~disturbed I was.  But at the same time, I was intrigued.  Such tragic family stories and situations hold a special interest in me, not because I could relate – oh no, not at all.  It’s a look into the most twisted of minds.  Even though it is fiction, it was still written by a person and it’s not hard to imagine it happening to actual people and we just don’t know it.

I tend to get so emotional when a character is compelling enough.  I either get attached or hate that character so much that actual rage boils from deep within me.  That’s what I feel about the grandmother in the story.  Rage.  How can someone be that cruel?  I mean, sure… what Corrine has done was rather unspeakable but to take it out so much on those kids?  Confine Corrine to a dark and unfriendly attic but those poor little Carrie and Corey.  As for Cathy and Chris, well I haven’t read up to that part yet but I feel for them also.

I can’t imagine being trapped into an attic with basically NOTHING for any period of time.  We read in the news these stories about girls and boys being abducted and kept in dungeons.  It is pretty much like this.  So you see… this is fiction, but it does happen in real life too.

Writing-wise, I’m liking it.  It’s in Cathy’s POV and it feels like a mature teen’s voice.  It is easy to read.  The characters each have their distinct personalities making it easier to remember who’s who.

I’m taking it slow on this one.  I’ve blown through light and short books in the past weeks and Flowers in the Attic is neither light nor particularly short.

Have you read this book?  What did you think of it?


3 thoughts on “MUSING MONDAYS | Flowers in the Attic

  1. I read this book in 1990, I remember where I was and the reaction I had to it (and it was someone’s discarded copy) I always wonder what I’d think if I re-read it now. I was a VA junkie and read the follow ups too which weren’t ever quite as good 😉


    • I’ll eventually go through the whole series. It’s very interesting. And I’d be lying to myself if I say that the incest part didn’t have anything to do with it lol.



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