I notice that I tend to find words for this meme on the first half of a book rather than the second 50%.  I usually highlight those words and look them up later.  As I go along, I highlight less and I don’t encounter new-to-me words as I finish the book.  Do you guys have the same observation?

The book that I’m about to finish is Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz.  And yes, I’ve come across some odd words here and there.

Wondrous Words Wednesday is a weekly meme where you can share new words that you’ve encountered or spotlight words you love.  Feel free to get creative!

e•bul•lient (ɪˈbʌl yənt, ɪˈbʊl-)  adj.
1. overflowing with enthusiasm, excitement, or vivacity; high-spirited; exuberant.

I know the word but I just don’t use it in everyday conversation.  I can just say, “Wow, Sophie looks very happy today!”  But the word is there if I want to impress. 😉

darkle (ˈdɑːkəl) vb
1. to grow dark; darken

So… it’s sparkle… in reverse?

thaumaturge (ˈθɔːməˌtɜːdʒ) n
1. (Ecclesiastical Terms) a performer of miracles; magician

I may have heard this before while playing Final Fantasy.  I don’t know which one though.

loid (lɔɪd) Slang. v.t.
1. to open (a locked door) by sliding a thin piece of celluloid or plastic between the door edge and the frame to force open a spring lock.

Ah, so that’s what it’s called.  I know how to do this hahahhaa…

leg·er·de·main  (lĕj′ər-də-mān′) n.
1. Sleight of hand.

aer·ie (âr′ē, îr′ē) n.
1. The nest of a bird, such as an eagle, built on a cliff or other high place.

I thought this was just a clothing brand.  Heh, you learn something everyday!


6 thoughts on “WONDROUS WORDS WEDNESDAY | oddities

  1. I’m glad to finally know what legerdemain really means! Ebullient and aerie I knew, and I learned Thaumaturge at seminary–there’s a famous saint of the Eastern churches known as “Gregorios Thaumaturge” (Greek pronunciation, “thav-mah-turg”), i.e. Gregory the Wonderworker. I’m glad to know that loid has a name, too. “Darkle” is a real word? I’d never heard this before in my life, and I am so in love with it now! MUST use it in my writing somewhere.


  2. There were a couple of words here that I didn’t know. I’d never heard of LOID. (I had to capitalize it because spell-correct kept changing it to loud.) I know its slang but I think there’s a good use for that word. Thanks.


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