I have a couple of not-so new words from the book that I’m currently reading.  It is set in ye olde times so there are some archaic and formal words scattered in the text.  Some of them are familiar to me but I haven’t come across them in a while.  Honestly, I don’t find new-to-me words that often.  Even when I read Classics or adult contemporary work, the vocabulary is easy enough to understand or I really have encountered them before.  But I’m all for building vocabulary no matter what language it comes in.

Wondrous Words Wednesday is a weekly meme where you can share new words that you’ve encountered or spotlight words you love.  Feel free to get creative!

a·gue  (ā′gyo̅o̅) n.

1. A chill or fit of shivering.
As used in a sentence:
“You never get sick with the ague or the chills or the flux. Even the plague leaves you untouched, is that correct?”
be·zoar  (bē′zôr′, -zōr′) n.

1. A hard indigestible mass of material, such as hair, vegetable fibers, or fruits, found in the stomachs or intestines of animals, especially ruminants, and humans. It was formerly considered to be an antidote to poisons and to possess magic properties.
I wanted to add this because readers of Harry Potter are definitely familiar with this word.  If you’re not, you might rethink you HP fan-ness. 😉
pas·sel  (păs′əl)n. Informal
1. A large quantity or group
As used in a sentence:
“But I will not be held prisoner by a clucking passel of busybodies who pry and poke.”
lar·gess also lar·gesse  (lär-zhĕs′, -jĕs′, lär′jĕs′) n.

1. Generosity of spirit or attitude.
As used in a sentence:
I wink at them, then hold my finger to my lips and offer them two copper coins.  Their eyes brighten at this unexpected largesse.

6 thoughts on “WONDROUS WORDS WEDNESDAY | ye olde times

  1. Passel was familiar to me too. My mom always talked about the family with the passel of kids that lived up the street!. Thanks for some great fun words.


  2. Oh, yes, “passel” was an important part of my grandmother’s Appalachian vocabulary. Anyone who has read HP and doesn’t remember “bezoar” gets their fandom card revoked! But thank you for finally hoping me settle to my satisfaction how “ague” is actually pronounced; I’ve seen it many times, but never heard it said. Btw, this is my first visit, and I just love the way your background works!



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