TOP TEN TUESDAYS | Worlds I Never Want to Live In

Day two of this weekly book blog meme thing.  So far so good.  🙂  Here’s one hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday revolves around worlds that we would NEVER want to live in, or characters you’d never want to trade places with. With all the dystopian and post-apocalyptic stuff out there right now, it’s not too hard to pick a few.

I’ve decided to do something different.  I’m going to include movie verse.  I’ve seen another blogger do the same, The Reading Date. And what do you know, I live in LA too!  I don’t think I have enough for a legit 10 but I’ll do my best.

1. Panem (The Hunger Games universe).  Whenever I take those “Which District are you from?” quizzes, I always – ALWAYS – end up at The Capitol.  I’m definitely no Katniss or Johanna.  But thinking about it, I don’t think I’d like to live in The Capitol either.  All that stress of caring about your appearance?  No, thank you.  I love makeup but not that much.  Also, I think that in a way, we already live in a Panem-like world.  Some regions are extremely poor, some are better than the rest of the world.  It’s not ideal in the real world, and it is not any better in fiction.  [And I’d never trade places with Katniss especially in Mockingjay.  I want Peeta though.]

2. Chicago in Divergent. Chicago now even, lol.  I kid.  I’ve been to the Windy City and it was nice.  But the news of extreme cold weather is not a happy thought.  Going back to those fan quizzes, each and every faction quiz I take ends up being Divergent.  I’ve only read the first book and they made it clear that being Divergent is not a good thing.  And I just don’t get classifying people based on their traits.  Segregation in general is not something I agree with.  But keeping with the book-verse, the whole Chicago!Divergent seems glum and oppressive.

3. Raccoon City (Resident Evil).  Uh… I don’t think I’ll survive a zombie apocalypse.  In fact, it’s one of my fears.  The game itself is terrifying enough.  Can you imagine waking up one morning and find that your city has been bombed by a virus that turns the dead to the undead?  Sure, Leon S. Kennedy is hawt but he either has to piggyback me or drag me out of Raccoon City.  I’ll slow him down and probably end up killing us both.

4. Westeros (A Song of Ice and Fire). Quizzes tell me that I’m either a Stark or a Tully.  While I do like the cold, do I want to burden myself with throne politics?  Can we just give Daenerys and Jon Snow joint rule because it looks like we’re going to that anyway?  Haha, but really… it’s not for me.  From the realm, I might choose to reside in Winterfell but if I had to choose, I can’t live like they do in Westeros. [I’d be anyone in the ASOIF world except Sansa.  Poor girl, just a pawn and never a queen.]

5. Mordor (The Lord of the Rings).  Unless your name is Sauron, yeah?  I do like to live in Middle-Earth.  Anywhere but Mordor will do.  At least Barad-dûr was surrounded by forests.  Boromir described it perfectly: the Blacks Gates are guarded by more than just orcs. There is evil there that does not sleep.  It is a barren wasteland, riddled with fire and ash and dust. The very air you breathe is a poisonous fume.  Yep, no sir.

6. Silent Hill.  Look, I know this might sound strange.  But walking through fog sends chills up my spine.  And it’s not from the cold temperature.  I have so much love for this game franchise that I associate the regular occurrence of fog to it.  For a split second, I actually consider checking my radio, even if I don’t actually have one.  If you’re familiar with the games, you’d know what I’m talking about.

7. USA as it was in The Stand by Stephen King.  It’s one of my favorite books and I’m glad it is just in a book.  If you haven’t read it, imagine a world where there is a sickness in the air and only a handful of people are immune to it.  It’s a zombie apocalypse without the zombies.  And you can’t run from an airborne virus.  If you’re familiar with The Walking Dead, it’s the same thing.  The survivors are in need of a leader and it’s all chaos even with a leader.

8. Bon Temps, Louisiana (True Blood).  I’m a city girl.  None of this countryside life.  With werewolves and vampires.  I’ll get my Alexander Skarsgard elsewhere.  [I would never ever want to be Sookie Stackhouse even if given a choice.  Hell no.  She gets the guys but dang, she’s an awful character.]

9. The world of Elysium Such a horrible movie.  I didn’t walk out of the theatre but I was voicing out my opinions out loud as I was watching it.  Worst film that I’ve watched in 2013.  If you think there is a racial inequality now, watch this movie and be even more enraged.  It was so blatantly racist.  I’m not sure if that’s the reaction the director is going for but man, I was so mad.

10. Anytime, anywhere during the Holocaust.  The Miss Peregine’s books describe it through the eyes of kids.  It’s an adventure, yes, but scary.  In Life After Life, it’s death and violence all over.  Scarier still are the real-life events that happened.  I’m just glad that our world is no longer like that.  It’s just a dark thought to think that it actually happened.

I guess what I’m trying to say here is I actually do like where I live right now… and the other places where I’ve called home.  It is my kind of normal and even the weird things are normal to me.  Anything outside of that, no thank you.  I’d visit… but I’m not staying for long.


3 thoughts on “TOP TEN TUESDAYS | Worlds I Never Want to Live In

  1. Nice spin on the topic! And I hear ya about wanting to stay where you are. This week’s topic was so hard for me because I wouldn’t want to live in most any book world! I couldn’t live in Bon Temps, Panem, or the world of Elysium either.


  2. I didn’t even think of Mordor but I totally agree…I definitely could not deal with it. I’ll take Lothlorien, Rivendell or the Shire any day. I wouldn’t want to step foot in Mirkwood either. If I even caught a glimpse of a giant spider I’d probably just lay down and die.


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