Review: Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion

Warm Bodies / Isaac Marion

I never thought I would call a zombie novel “cute” or “adorable”.  I just did with this.

This is a faaaaaaaaaaaaaar cry from the zombie novels that I’ve read and enjoyed in the past.  I loved the Resident Evil tie-in novels and I enjoyed the animated features.  Like RE, Warm Bodies also has a movie adaptation.  After watching that, I’m not sure which one is cuter.  =D  Nicholas Hoult played R perfectly in his own adorable way.  His American accent was great and his facial expressions – even as a zombie – were great.

But I digress.  This is a book review.

Like I said, this is a cute zombie novel.  It’s a different take on the outbreak.  In all the other stories in the genre, we’re led to believe that there is no cure.  But in this one, there is a cure.  And zombies here don’t just eat brains, they have actual functioning ones in their heads.  The story is told in R’s point of view.  He doesn’t remember anything about him… just that his name starts with R.  I think you’ll get an idea when Julie enters the picture.  R+J.  Geddit?  And speaking of brains, I like the explanation the author gives as to what happens when zombies eat human brains. There are so many new ideas and it definitely stands out in the zombie-/post-apocalyptic genre.

Frankly, I don’t think this is a young adult novel.  There are teen-aged characters but none of that whiny angst that almost solely defines YA literature.  It is one of the easiest reads ever and one of the most enjoyable in 2013 for me. This title sat in my TBR pile for years.  Eventually, I spotted a $2 copy and there was no excuse not to pick it up.  I even scored a like and comment from the author on Instagram!

Rating: 5/5.  A favorite.
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