Review: A Storm of Swords by George R.R. Martin

A Storm of Swords / George RR Martin

Where do I even begin?  “Wow” doesn’t even describe this book well enough.

In the words of LOTR’s King Theoden (in the films), so much death.  It’s tough to get attached to a character in this series.  You’ll never know if and when Mr. Martin will kill him/her next.  Just when you start to think, “Oh, s/he’s an important character as this story goes on. I’m sure s/he’s gonna stick around for a couple more books.”  Wrong.  And in this book, there are so many things you will not see coming.

There are so many events going on at the same time.  I’ve held off posting a full review on this book because it is so complex.  Originally a trilogy stretched on to be a 7-book series because it is impossible to close all ties in three books.  It’s deceit, backstabbing, family feuds, warmongering, romance, the supernatural, politics, ambition, life, death… everything in 1000+ pages!

I don’t think I can do a detailed review without spoiling any part of the book.  The events don’t really overlap with each other.  A Storm of Swords is definitely heartbreaking in some parts.  Like the times when the Starks are almost reunited with each other.  It frustrated me but at the same time, it broke my heart.  Poor Sansa, forever a political pawn.  She dreams of fairytales and gets everything but that.  Arya’s off to her own adventure with equally cool people.  Jon making his mark in the North.  So basically, Ned Stark’s children are the Chosen Ones in this ‘verse.  Daenerys… I wasn’t a fan of her chapters in this book.  I felt that it didn’t contribute to the bigger picture.  I admire her ambition but right now, her efforts are rather laughable.  As for Catelyn, whatever I said about her chapters in the past, I take it all back.  What happens to her in this book is something that I am excited for in the next one.  I loved Bran’s chapters because of his conversations with Meera and Jojen.  And Hodor.  HODOR!!!

Once again, the POV chapters proved very helpful as a plot device.  Especially Jamie’s.  I liked him so much in this.  To me, he went through the most change from the first book.  And I really felt sorry for the guy as the story progressed.

I seriously cannot wait to see all this translated into film.  HBO, you better bring it!

Rating: 5/5.

Recommendation: Just read it.  Just read it.


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