Review: Ten Rules for A Call Girl by Allison Leotta

Ten Rules for a Call Girl / Allison Leotta

I cannot let my blog’s first anniversary pass without posting a review.  (I’m running on PST.) Actually, I am behind five books already.  Reading’s been fast moving but the reviewing part takes a bit more time.

But I was browsing the Kindle store and I happened upon this free Kindle short story.  Ten Rules for A Call Girl.  The title and the cover definitely drew me in.  And it’s free!  Click on the cover art to get your own copy.

Synopsis from GoodReads:

Beautiful Georgetown undergrad Caroline McBride almost has it all—a loving fiancée, a promising academic career, and a college life of fabulous parties—but she can’t afford it. When her father becomes ill, plunging her family into debt, she reluctantly agrees to meet Madeleine, the madam of a high-end escort service. Catering to the most powerful men in D.C., Caroline can make more money in one night than in a month at her part-time college job. And no one has to know. All she has to do is follow the madam’s ten simple rules.

It is a prequel to the author’s second full length novel called Discretion.  It follows Caroline McBride on her escapades as an escort girl, or a professional “girlfriend”.  There are many cliches going on in this story – poor college girl living a double life; she gets into the business at her roommate’s recommendation; they get a rather high profile client; and of course, she has a boyfriend on the side.  But you know, it all works.  The sex scenes were pretty graphic but not trashy.

As I understand, the author was a federal prosecutor specializing in sex crimes.  So she knows what she’s talking about.  The writing came across very solid and real.  I connected with Caroline and the dilemma that she was running through her head.  It was fast paced and you really feel a sense of urgency and danger; Caroline living a secret double life and trying not to get caught.

Based on this, I will definitely check out the author’s other works.

Rating: 4/5.

Recommendation: It is a quick coffee break read and it gets your blood going.


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