Review: Stories from “The Girlfriend Tales” series by Katrina Parker Williams

The Girlfriend Tales is a collection of four short stories dealing with women going through different things in their lives.  These two that I will be talking about in this review are centered around relationships; one about a young mother in a dysfunctional family situation and the other one dealing with an affair.

Excess Baggage / Katrina Parker Williams

The story entitled “Excess Baggage” is about Sabrina and her difficult relationship with the father of her three children, Antonio.  They meet in high school where Antonio had dreams of playing pro basketball before hanging out with the wrong crowd.

There is nothing much to say about it, really.  I found it a bit tedious with all the unnecessary descriptions and details that did not help the story along.  It was confusing in some parts, details missing when it should be elaborated.  Also, I found some grammatical errors which annoyed me a bit.  The characters were rather bland.  Sabrina, I don’t know what’s going on with her.  Why stay with a deadbeat guy long enough to have three children with him?  I’m not one to judge; this is the opinion I am forming based on the story I just read.

And that ending?  Oh my… really?  2/5.

In The ‘Other’ Other Woman, we are welcomed to a party; a gathering of invited guests.  And what society does best, gossip.  In a big group, there are bound to be smaller cliques.  This story follows one such clique and their encounters with other people in the party.

The Other Other Woman / Katrina Parker Williams

I admit, I didn’t get it.  What was I supposed to get out of it?  I had no context.  What were they talking about?  Who are these people?  It was kind of all over the place.  It left me confused.  It didn’t really say anything.  Writing-wise, it was okay.  That doesn’t say much… there’s nothing much to say. 2/3.

Both stories had potential to be good ones.  Both were, at a degree, entertaining.  It could have been done better.  Yes, it is a short story but it does not have to end just because you used up all the word count.  There are many short stories out there that have complete plots, well-written, and very entertaining and at the same time, keeping its length to a minimum.  There was just… there wasn’t much in any of these stories.

I appreciate the effort by the author.  The ideas are there and they are very workable.



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