Review: Bedbugs by Ben H. Winters

Bedbugs / Ben H. Winters

Published September 6th 2011 by Quirk Publishing.

* In compliance with FTC guidelines, it should be noted that I received the book for free.

I was contacted by Quirk Books regarding another one of their titles, Broetry.  They offered to send over a copy of Bedbugs to read and review.  And I’m never one to turn down a free book!  And it came with a poster-sized print of the cover art.  How cool is that?

Susan and Alex Wendt move into their 2-bedtoom, 2-bath Brooklyn apartment with their little girl Emma.  The charming space is owned by a flamboyant landlady, Andrea.  Susan, who recently quit her job to go back to her love of art, fell in love with the place because of an extra room that was perfect for painting.  Not long after their move, strange things begin to happen.

Reports of bedbug infestation rock the city.  Susan fears that their apartment is one of the unfortunate ones.  Susan begins to have welts and bites, even seeing some of the wretched bugs.  But it seems she’s the only one.  Neither her husband or daughter notice anything wrong.  Is it bebugs or… badbugs?

I finished this book the day before Halloween.  It was a perfect pick for an October read.  It is a simple story with very few characters.  I love the build up.  It was quite an easy read and it was hard to put down.  I was halfway through and I still had no idea as to what’s causing the strange events.  Although I eventually figured it out and I expected the ending, it still caught me off guard.  The author executed it beautifully.  And it was really creepy with all the bugs and eccentric people and the bites… some parts literally made my skin crawl.

The book is divided into three: Book 1, Book 2, Book 3.  Each divider has a different amount of creepy crawlies drawn on them, one having the least up to the third one where the page is fully covered.  It’s really creative.  It also reflects how bug-infested Susan’s life was in that part of the book.

I have to say, I enjoyed the shout out to Tom Kitt.  I also enjoyed the mystery plots here and there.  I can picture this translated to screen — how gruesome it would look like.  I also liked the mythology used to explain some important stuff.  I won’t elaborate on that because it’ll spoil the whole thing.  One thing that I thought wasn’t all that relevant was the murder of the babies.  I didn’t get where it fit in with the big picture.  But other than that, this was a great read.  A subtle horror that will keep you at the edge of your seat.

Rating: 4/5.

Recommendation: Something new from the horror genre.  I know Halloween is over but this is a perfect Halloween read.

Get your copy here.


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