Review: Progenitor by Christopher John Chater

Progenitor / Christopher John Chater

Synopsis from GoodReads:

After sarcastic lower level crewman Tim Carr sees a light outside the ship, he tries to convince Comm Officer Hanna Merrick that there’s something out there besides a dying star. Tim is asked to keep quiet about his discovery, however, because Hanna has a plan of her own, which she’ll set in motion after the government causes the star to prematurely supernova. Tim’s feelings for Hanna, and his life, are put on the line when he realizes her plan could cause the elimination of an alien species.

I honestly didn’t get it.  It’s true that futuristic sci-fi stuff is not my cup of tea yet I can still follow a story.  I tried but I just wasn’t relating to this.  I didn’t even see the sarcasm that the main character, Tim Carr, was supposed to have.

The author had an interesting premise of a future world — space/time travel, other worldly beings, and the existence of classes even in that future world.  Tim Carr was one of the Lower Level Citizens, LLC, serving as a janitor in a space ship.  And then, he sees orbs or balls of light and gas, trying to communicate with him.  Okay, I got that much.  That’s when the story goes all over the place.  It goes on and on about other things that by the time it got back to the orbs, I’ve forgotten what they were about.  The conclusion fell short and I felt that there was so much filler, for a short story, and not enough development.

It could have been a great serious sci-fi novel.  If Tim’s “sarcasm” is a device to put a bit of humor into this, it didn’t work that well.

Rating: 2/5.

Recommendation: Again, it’s one of those e-books that you can finish in one sitting.

Get your copy here.

* In compliance with FTC guidelines, it should be noted that I received the book for free through LibraryThing Member Giveaways.




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