Book Lover Meme

I saw this popping up all over Tumblr so I’m giving it a go:

1. A book you threw across the room in anger.

My senior high school Economics textbook. It did NOT make any sense and it made my school life so difficult.  I had no idea how I passed that class.  And quite frankly, I couldn’t remember a damn thing we talked about apart from the Law of Supply and Demand.  Another thing… if Friends of Choice where a physical book, I would’ve thrown it in frustration.

2. A book in which you underlined nearly every sentence.

Generation Kill by Evan Wright.  My first copy looked like a textbook with all the highlighted passages and dialogs.  A close second is One Bullet Away by Nathaniel Fick.  I have since bought another copy but my original had pencil marks and notes in the margins.

3. A book you were surprised to love.

Hmm… let’s see.  I normally read books that I am sure I’ll like.  Well, that was before this book blogging thing.  Before all this, I stay within my comfort genres – historical fiction, mystery/thriller, true crime, military history, fictionalized history… I think I know more books that I’m surprised to hate.  Just like The Diary of Anne Frank.  Maybe… Beloved by Toni Morrison.  I read it because I used to collect Oprah’s Book Club titles (eventually, I realized that 90% of them are preachy so I collected but never read them).  For some reason, I picked Beloved out of the pile and LOVED it.

4. A book you can’t wait to read.

Is it sad that I cannot wait to read GK again?  Hahaha!  I have a ton of awesome titles in my stash.  To name a few:

  • The Beginners by Rebecca Wolff
  • The Lake Shore Limited (Vintage Contemporaries) by Sue Miller
  • Dirty Little Secrets: Breaking the Silence on Teenage Girls and Promiscuity by Kerry Cohen
  • Across Many Mountains: A Tibetan Family’s Epic Journey from Oppression to Freedom by Yangzom Brauen
  • Harbor by John Ajvide Lindqvist
  • Three Maids for a Crown: A Novel of the Grey Sisters by Ella March Chase
  • Becoming Marie Antoinette: A Novel by Juliet Grey

And the mostly historical fiction titles sitting on my shelves.



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