GoodReads & LibraryThing Giveaways

The one in the middle is from LibraryThing.

I am particularly excited for the Sue Miller book.  I loved her book While I Was Gone.


4 thoughts on “Mailbox!

    • I win mostly ebooks from LibraryThing. And only one ARC from their Early Reviewers program. It’s a surprise to come home and find package/s at my door step. 🙂

      The downside, however, is I’m swamped haha!


      • I bet! I’m hoping I win more soon, I seriously need to read something other YA. My IQ is taking a serious hit from all of it, X3 I’m trying out Netgalley now, which takes a little more effort but so far I’ve received two ebooks.


      • I got one from NetGalley but that book is not due until October so I have a lot of time haha. I got a freebie YA from another blog (the author was giving it away in exchange for a review). Haha, I have some YA from LibraryThing but I haven’t gone to them yet. It’s not really my comfort genre and besides, I kinda want to read something from my non-freebie list lol.



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