Books I Cannot Finish: Friends of Choice by Linda Nelson

Friends of Choice / Linda Nelson

I tried.  Don’t get me wrong… I really tried.  But I couldn’t finish this.  I couldn’t even get to the midpoint.  Provided it was just 88 pages on e-book.

I respect the obvious effort of the author to make a compelling story and (as I skipped to the end) a public service to teens, the writing was just so bad.  There’s no other, nicer way to say it.  Just… BAD.

Errors – typographical or grammatical or BOTH – litter the whole thing.  At least the parts I’ve read.  But based on the other reviews I’ve read, it’s the main issue of this book.  Misplaced spaces, punctuations, hyphenations, two words that should be compounded, ending with a preposition, redundant phrases and words… ah, it was so distracting and irritating.  It needs MAJOR overhaul.  It’s a shame that my copy is digital or else, I would’ve taken it upon myself to proofread the damn thing.  All the errors made it so hard to read.

Baited breath”?  “We’re moving and that’s finale“?  I’m pretty sure no spell check in the world would make that mistake.  After reading these, I just gave up.  And the whole “Oooh… the mall is a bad place for teenagers because they steal and get into trouble at the malls” — I was laughing at the absurdity.

I was surprised to see a Green Day mention.  And of Boulevard of Broken Dreams, dubbed “I Walk Alone”.  Geez.

I can’t even give this book a single star but I will for effort.

Rating: 1/5.

* In compliance with FTC guidelines, it should be noted that I received the book for free through LibraryThing Member Giveaways.



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