Discussion: The Orchard


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1. Do you think it was brave or just plain stupid for Grace to climb the big merbau tree in the rainforest in order capture the orchid fragrance? Have you ever done anything with a determination like that?

I think it was brave of her.  If you want something, you better work for it.  Grace was so close to getting what she wanted and just went for it.  Hm, nothing like climbing a tree at some remote part of the forest but I’ve worked for the stuff I have now.  I’ve done many stupid, embarrassing, difficult things to achieve something and the journey to that goal makes it all worth it.

2. Dylan is convinced that he sees his dead wife in the elevator of the Peachtree Plaza Hotel. Have you ever thought you’ve seen someone from your past across a crowded space? What did you do? Where you right?

The mind plays tricks.  Think about somebody hard enough and you’ll start seeing them in front of your eyes.  Yes, I’ve had that happen to me and upon second look, it turned out that it wasn’t someone I know.

3. Did you know that companies like Southern Compounds and International Fragrance & Flavors exist? Do you think it detracts from your favorite foods to know about all the corporate research and development that goes into making them appealing to you?

Yes, I watch the Food Network.  Haha!  Flavors and fragrances are big business.  I really don’t care what goes in my food, to be honest, as long as it tastes good.  In fact, I appreciate food more knowing the effort put into it.

4. Have you ever eaten something that is so good you can’t stop thinking about it? Ever been haunted by a particular taste, the way Grace was when she bit into that apple?

Yes, the taste and texture of the Red Velvet cupcake from Crumbs.  The best damn cupcake ever.  Also, the spaghetti and meat sauce from Andre’s at The Grove LA.  I don’t think “haunted” is the best word to describe it.  More like… I craved them more often than other foods.

5. Though Monic is a scientist, she rejects Chaos Theory and firmly believes that there is an order to things, particularly when it comes to love. Where do you stand?

Chaos Theory happens to be my favorite scientific theory, as nerdy as it sounds.  It is my username in many a social network.  See, because one is a scientist, it doesn’t mean she can’t subscribe to the paranormal.  What you’re taught and what you (can) believe in can be two different things.  With that said, I believe that everything has a cause and effect.  We are the masters of our fate/destiny and we’ll get nowhere if we don’t do anything.  What we do today affects what happens tomorrow.

6. Do you seek out organic foods? Do you believe, like Rebecca Jane did, that there’s something spiritual about organic farming?

Not really.  Like I said above, I don’t really care as long as I’m fed.  Haha!  And I’m not a gardener so I don’t know.  I never grew anything in my life apart from the science experiments in school.  Organic is nice and all but it is more expensive than your regular supermarket produce.

7. When Grace carries the basket of eggs back from the henhouse on her first morning at the farm she sees the tombstones for Dylan’s family members, but she does not see one for his wife. Why do you think Rebecca Jane was not buried with the rest of the family?

I honestly have no clue.  The orchard was her life and it would make sense if she were to be buried there.  This was one of the few things that I didn’t get.

8. Dylan is convinced that he can feel his wife in the Orchard, particularly just before harvest. Do you believe in ghosts?

I… do.  I’ve had experiences with ghosts and I can’t really explain them.  I think Dylan is not necessarily talking about ghosts.  Instead, he just feels that she’s right there or looking down on them with her blessing.

9. Ever been profoundly attracted (or repelled) by the scent of another person?

YES.  But given I already like that person when I smelled his cologne.

10. Do you wear a fragrance? Do you prefer one on your partner, or are you more attracted to the unadorned scent of skin?

If I remember to spray some, yes.  I prefer fruity scents than flowery ones.  And yes, I prefer cologne on guys.

11. When Herb warned Grace – “Just make sure this is really an apple you’re chasing and not a taco” – what do you think he meant?

To me, the taco stood for a wild goose chase.  Something you know exists but can’t find where you got it.  The apple was an attainable goal.

12. What do you think about Grace’s decision not to come clean with the exact truth about Agnes Scott? Do you think something like this is grounds for firing? Even if the person is as talented and qualified as Grace Lyndon?

Okay, is she not required to show school transcripts?  How in the world did they not know that she never really went to Agnes Scott?  Again, stuff that didn’t make sense to me.  It should be grounds for firing but I think Grace displayed that she can do great things and is really skilled at what she does so I don’t think they’ll actually fire her if ever.

13. Do you think you would enjoy a twenty-four course “molecular gastronomy” meal like the one Grace and Dylan have at Cole Thomas’ restaurant? Or would you prefer the fried chicken picnic they have later in the Orchard?

I don’t know about a 24-course meal.  That, to me, is a little bit pretentious.  (Even though it does happen in real life.)  But hey, it’s free and I’m willing to try anything.  I’m game for the fried chicken picnic too!

14. When Grace uses the aroma machine (the MiniVOC) to recreate Dylan’s mother’s pie, he is moved by the memory. Do you agree that smell is the most powerful sense? Have you ever been stirred by a scent? Ever had one suddenly evoke a strong emotion or memory?

Yes, I believe that scents trigger memory.  Scent also influences the sense of taste.  If you can’t smell it, you can’t taste it very well.  I have a pretty sensitive sense of smell (but I can’t smell cyanide, unfortunately).

15. What are your favorite scents?

Cooking garlic.  New books.  Newly photocopied paper.  Gasoline, not even kidding.

16. Do you believe that Grace was right to take a stand on the high fructose corn syrup, or do you think she should have simply given the client what he wanted? Ever been faced with a similar dilemma in your life?

I think she has the right to do so.  After all, it’s her creation.  She knows what can potentially happen if stuff is put in or pulled out of it.  But at the end of the day, the customer is always right.  I had happened to me before and instead of giving in, I argued my point.  I won.  🙂

17. Do you think Grace should have given Dylan the information about April immediately, or held off even longer? Have you taken your time giving information when you were afraid of the response?

Considering what she then felt about Dylan, I can understand why Grace held off the information.  I see that as self-preservation.  Delaying the inevitable.  In Grace’s case, possible heartbreak.  Haha, yes I may have done this also.  Especially when I was little and I was afraid of what my parents would do if I screw up.

18. If there was one more scene added to the very end of the book, what do you think it would be?

I thought the ending was very Pretty Woman-esque.  I think I mentioned it in my review that it could’ve used an epilogue.  Maybe show a little bit of Carter and how she’ll react to Grace being her dad’s girlfriend.

19. Do you have a favorite type of apple?

Ooooh!  I can eat apples every day of my life.  I’m not picky.  I love that fruit!



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